Hublot Black Mamba Night

— Kobe Bryant, NBA legend and brand ambassador of Hublot, shows up at Shanghai to present the King Power Black Mamba Chronograph replica Watch.

Kobe Bryant wearing his King Power Black Mamba, in Shanghai

On August 7, a Black-themed party was held at the Hublot boutique on Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. Kobe Bryant, NBA legend and the newest brand ambassador for Hublot, showed up to present the King Power Black Mamba Chronograph Watch together with Loic Biver, branding director of Hublot China.

NBA fans are excited immediately just when the name Kobe Bryant is mentioned. It is his black-mamba-like speed, slithering skills and near-perfect physical strength that make him a rare, versatile NBA legend. Inspired by his ceaseless quest for pushing the limit and unremitting passion for ultimate victory, Hublot hired the basketball superstar as its newest brand ambassador, to join Dwyane Wade of Miami Heat and the World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt.

To commemorate this new partnership, Hublot specially launched Bryant’s signature timepiece – the King Power Black Mamba Chronograph Watch at a launch event in March in Los Angeles, the basketball stars hometown. Today, for the first time, Kobe came to the boutique to pick up his very own!

Kobe Bryant et Loic Biver, à Shanghai

Kobe Bryant and Loic Biver, in Shanghai © Hublot

The collection is limited to only 250 pieces worldwide, which incorporates many special elements as tributes to Bryant’s profession basketball career as well as the basketball sport. The eye-catching Number “24” stands for his Number-24 jersey which accompanies him to compete in all NBA games, while the dial with purple and gold accents honors the “Dynasty of Purple & Gold”- Los Angeles Lakers for all its achievements and glories. A black mamba coils through the skeletonized dial. In addition, a distinctive python snake strap sewed on black rubber and a caseback engraved with Kobe Bryant’s signature complete the Omega Replica watch design.

Hublot,  King Power Black Mamba Chronograph

King Power Black Mamba Chronograph © Hublot

In speaking of the collaboration with Hublot, Bryant feels quite pleasantly surprised to be invited to present the King Power Black Mamba Chronograph Watch in China in such an innovative way. “My credo is to be firm, decisive and forward-moving, which is also the reason why I joined Hublot family without any hesitation. Moreover, I personally love the King Power Black Mamba Chronograph Watch collection very much, and it’s so amazing to witness such a perfect fusion of exquisite Breitling replica watchmaking expertise and my favorite basketball!”

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